Condor – we are pleased to be the Exclusive Australian Distributor for Italian made and owned Condor formwork systems. For thirty years, Condor has represented quality Italian excellence in the design and production of formwork systems for the past 30 years.

We supply Condor Formwork Systems including:

  • Condor Aludeck – slab panels on drop head system
  • Condor Comax – Steel framed shutters system
  • Condor Adatto – Aluminum framed shutters system
  • Condor heavy duty aluminium props

Condor products include:

Slabs Formwork

Condor formwork for floor slabs feature the finest lightness, modularity and high quality finishes. Request information and test our Formwork systems. Professionalism and expertise at your service!

Slab Aludeck System

ALUDECK Slab Formwork System

consisting of: beams, aluminium frame panels, drop heads or fixed heads.
Usage: concrete slabs

Aluminium Props ALU CP

4 versions of these aluminium props are available: CP 260, 350, 480, 600 with extensions ranging from 1.80 to 6.00 m. These props are lighter than normal steel ones but, nevertheless, they have extremely high capacity levels of up to 90kN.

The props are easy to use thanks to a rotating ring and anti-deformation hook. The special props’ thread allows continual cleaning, thus prevents blockages despite cement deposits.

Wall Formwork Systems

Formwork systems developed to optimize wall structural performance. Choose technological innovation for reinforced modular formwork by Condor:

Comax Formwork

Comax Wall Formwork

Painted and galvanized steel frame
Usage: For Columns and Walls,
Concrete Pressure: 100 Kn/SqM
Higher level performance and higher pouring capacity

Adatto Formwork

Adatto Wall Formwork

Aluminium Frame
Use: For Columns and Walls
Concrete Pressure: 60 Kn/SqM
Modular and Adaptable

For more information about Condor Australia, please visit www.condorteam.com.au

ROYALplasform – flyer is in production.

Sydney Build Expo – 30th – 31st March 2017 – Hordern Pavilion

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