Royal Formwork Hire

Welcome to Royal Hire, the Formwork & Scaffolding Hire Specialists

Royal Hire provides all your formwork hire solutions, saving you space, time and money.

Free up the space in your yard and gain peace of mind knowing you have what you need with no in-between job hassles.

Formwork Material Available for Hire – Sydney and Melbourne Trade Centres

  • Shoring Frame Systems
    • Shoring Frames
    • Shoring Jacks – U Head Jacks & Flat Jacks
    • Spigots
    • Rockets (Frame Extensions)
    • Adjustable Collars
    • Inners
    • Base Plates
    • U Head Hats
    • Cantilever Brackets
    • Hinged Cross Braces
  • Props, Prop Inners, Prop Pins
  • Column Clamps
  • Column Clamp Wedges
  • Z Bar System
  • Coil Tie Wall System

Formwork Material Available for Hire – Sydney Trade Centre

  • Formply
  • Non Film Faced Plywood
  • Timber – Oregon
  • Timber – LVL
  • Timber Sole Boards

Formwork Systems for Hire – Sydney Trade Centre

  • ROYAL Formstage (High Strutting Modular Scaffolding System)
  • ROYALdek (Prop & Panel Slab System)
  • Condor Drop-Head Slab Systems
  • Condor Wall Systems
  • High Load Aluminium Props

Scaffolding Hire

Modular Steel Scaffolding Materials for Hire – Sydney Trade Centre

  • Standards
  • Ledgers
  • Transoms
  • Diagonal Braces
  • Hop Up Brackets
  • Tie Bars
  • Scaffold Base Jacks
  • Steel Planks
  • Couplers
  • Toe Board Clips
  • Scaffold Tube
  • Steel Pallets
  • Steel Bins
  • Steel Stairs with  Handrail
  • Ladder Beams
  • Timber LVL Planks
  • Mesh Guards
  • Temporary Fence Panels
  • Support Block Bases
  • Holding Clamp

Hiring materials is a great option to save you storage and maintenance costs. It can help with cash flow and bring tax benefits, such as materials being written off as an expense rather than depreciated. Speak to your accountant to see what is best for you!


NO huge outlay to purchase

NO maintenance costs

NO storage handling costs, saving labour and machinery

NO storage yard space issues

NO storage yard fees

NO worries, use the right materials for the right job!

Let ROYAL HIRE work for you! Call our experienced team for all your project needs.