ROYALformstage is a steel modular metric scaffolding system, used as falsework and/or safety scaffolding.

Ideally used as:
• Standard strutting falsework 1m to 3m heights;
• High strutting falsework 3m to 20m with safety catch decks;
• Scaffolding with edge protection for fall prevention; and
• Working platforms at heights from 1m to 20m in 500mm increments.

The system is quickly and easily installed and dismantled in a modular grid and can be used with either ROYALdek panels or conventional formwork.

Similar to Kwikstage scaffolding but with vertical standards that have a larger diameter (51mm) and a thick 4mm tube wall “V” welded at a nominal 500mm.

The standards are open ended to enable the ROYALjack50 and the ROYALspigot50 to be inserted at varying heights. The system works on a metric grid so that that ROYALdek panels may be directly installed over the standards without the use of beam supports. Alternatively, LVL beams can support ROYALdek panels or the system can be used as a simple traditional timber and plywood formwork construction.

Standard Kwikstage horizontal components such as ledgers and transoms are compatible and may be used together with ROYALformstage as the same “V” press sections are used for connections of wedges, thus making it even more user friendly.

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