The FOSROC RENDEROC range comes in a ready to use blend of dry powders. Simply add clean water on site to produce a highly consistent cementitious repair mortar.
FOSROC RENDEROC FC – Fairing mortar screed, polymer modified (0mm – 3mm thick) applied in thin layers with a trowel to smooth and repair surface imperfections.
FOSROC RENDEROC HB – General purpose, economical, lightweight patch repair mortar for the reinstatement of large areas of concrete and for small, localised repairs. Its alkaline nature protects embedded steel reinforcement and the hardened concrete is strong, durable, resistant to chloride and carbon dioxide and has excellent thermal and water repellent properties. Applied by trowel or spraying.
FOSROC RENDEROC HB25 – Cementitious repair mortar compatible with concrete 15-30 MPa applied by wet spray or hand trowelling. High performance, lightweight with very low shrinkage.
FOSROC RENDEROC HB40 – Cementitious repair mortar for the reinstatement of large areas of reinforced concrete where low permeability and high compression strength is required. Engineered for the repair of columns and beams but also suitable for soffits and other overhead or patch repair work. Compatible with concrete 30-45 MPa, high performance, medium weigh with very low shrinkage. Applied by gloved hand or trowelled.
FOSROC RENDEROC LA55 – High performance, free flowing, low alkali, micro concrete reinstatement mortar for large structural sections of concrete and smaller sections where trowelling is impractical. Its alkaline nature protects embedded steel reinforcement, it is resistant to chloride and carbon dioxide and suitable for electro-chemical repairs. Applied in sections between 50mm to 200mm thick achieving 60 Mpa in 28 days.


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  • Parchem Renderoc FC
  • 15
  • PARFC15
  • Parchem Renderoc HB
  • 15
  • PARHB15
  • Parchem Renderoc HB25
  • 15
  • PARHB2515
  • Parchem Renderoc HB40
  • 20
  • PARHB4020
  • Parchem Renderoc HB70
  • 20
  • PARHB7020
  • Parchem Renderoc LA55
  • 20
  • PARLA55


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