Canadian West Coast Oregon (also known as Douglas Fir Lumber) is roughly sawn timber with stress grading F7 or better. It is moderately easy to work with and sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation forests.

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  • Oregon Timber 100x50 (4"x2")
  • 3.40 - 3.80
  • ORE42
  • Oregon Timber 100x75 (4"x3")
  • 4.00 - 4.90
  • ORE43
  • Oregon Timber 150x100 (6"x4")
  • 8.00 - 9.80
  • ORE64

Lengths Available:
1.86m (6ft), 2.44m (8ft), 2.75m (9ft), 3.05m (10ft),
3.66m (12ft), 4.27m (14ft), 4.88m (16ft), 5.5m (18 ft),
6.1m (20ft), 6.67m (22ft), and 7.32m (24ft).


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