ROYAL Handrail Safety post systems provide the posts for handrails on formwork slab decks or exposed concrete slab.
bRail Safety posts are fixed around protruding formwork bearers;
cRail Safety posts are near the of edge formwork supports or concrete slab; iRail Safety posts are fixed on top of formwork decks or concrete slab; and jRail Safety posts are clamped onto protruding formwork joist.

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  • Weight (kg)
  • Code Number
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  • bRail Safety Post
  • 13.00
  • HPBR
  • cRail Safety Post
  • 12.00
  • HPCR
  • iRail Safety Post
  • 8.10
  • HPIR
  • jRail Safety Post
  • 9.50
  • HPJR


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