Strong and durable steel cages/boxes used to contain materials for storage and transportation. Ideal for jacks, base plates, nuts and bolts etc. Lifting lugs are provided for crane handled loads with SWL of 800kg each. SWL for storage is 2t.
The open mesh design allows easy visual inspection of the contents and allows water to drain from the cage, preventing/reducing water damage and increasing its longevity.

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  • Dimensions (mm)
  • Weight (kg)
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  • ROYALbox HS32
  • 1035x1035x1030
  • 110
  • RBHS32
  • ROYALbox LS10
  • 1035x1035x770
  • 109
  • RBLS10
  • ROYALbox LS32
  • 1035x1035x770
  • 98
  • RBLS32


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